Actionable Views with Live Dashboards for Emergency Resource Management

Today’s technology driven industries prosper by automating their cumbersome workarounds, manual processes and spreadsheets. Utilities are not an exception to this, as they need to act quickly to restore power during large scale power outages. Restoring power during an emergency event requires utilities to arrange their crew and equipment at the impacted location as soon as possible and it requires an organized process to keep track of resources and equipment requirements.

Are you looking for a tool that can organize your emergency operations effectively and efficiently? Then Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand is the best option. Resources on-Demand is specifically designed for utilities that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports logistics during a large-scale restoration event. This intuitive and user friendly system delivers various dashboards designed to provide at a glance view of event specific resources, logistics and lodging arrangements and much more.

Resources on-Demand is designed with the following real-time dashboards:

  • Logistics Dashboard provides event specific lodging, team and site summary. This live dashboard allows the user to view resources, site and lodging summary for the selected time snapshot.
  • Resources Snapshot Dashboard allows the user to view resources summary for the selected event and snapshot.
  • Executive Dashboard provides at a glance view of event specific resources, logistics and lodging arrangements. The dashboard provides a graphical overview of key elements
  • Office Summary configurable dashboard displays on-site personnel and teams, as well as, future teams.  On-site personnel are displayed based on the selected combination of Team Type/Function/Role with their associated attributes.  On-site teams are grouped according to Team Type and displayed with their associated attributes.  Also, Future teams are grouped according to Team Type and displayed with their associated attributes and noted on a red font.
  • Resource Summary configurable dashboard displays counts associated with each Service Center with a summary at the Storm Center level.   Counts can be in the form of number of crews, number of team, or number of personnel.  Additionally, the dashboard allows data to be divided based on the team’s status, whether they are on-site, assigned, or currently working.

The Resources on-Demand live dashboards cover all aspects of the emergency restoration effort. The graphical representation of the key areas allows the Utility personnel to make critical decisions for better resource management. Each dashboard’s information can be exported to Excel based on your business needs. For more information on live dashboards and other features of Resources on-Demand, Contact us today.

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