ARCOS Acquires Resources on-Demand

After careful consideration, including weighing what’s best for our customers, we agreed to a deal in which ARCOS® LLC has acquired the utility division Macrosoft including:  Resources on-Demand. Columbus, Ohio-based ARCOS is the North American leader in crew callout and resource management SaaS software solutions for the utility industry, and many of you may already know the company and its team. What does this mean for RoD and its customers. First, ARCOS will continue to support RoD. Second, the team members from Macrosoft, including Jason Singer and Tenzeel Fayyaz, who managed the RoD product, are joining ARCOS. So RoD customers can continue using the RoD product and will continue to receive support and updates from ARCOS. ARCOS and the new team members acquired from Macrosoft will continue to offer and develop next-generation resource and crew management products that include the latest modern technologies including cloud-based location services, leveraged use of GIS and mobile capabilities.

ARCOS will offer RoD customers the opportunity to expand their emergency response capabilities with the ARCOS Resource Management solution set including ARCOS Callout and Scheduling, Crew Manager, Mobile and soon-to-be released ARCOS Resource Assist™ product for contractor management. In addition, ARCOS intends to leverage features and functionality from Resources on-Demand and the ARCOS Crew Manager product to provide enhanced capabilities to customers.

ARCOS will be reaching out to all RoD customers over the next week to set up a call to introduce you to the ARCOS team. All RoD clients will receive a “Welcome to ARCOS” packet that will provide detailed information and instructions regarding accessing ARCOS support resources.

We at Macrosoft thank you for being our customer. We trust ARCOS and sincerely believe you’re getting what will prove, in the months and years ahead, to be an even better product and level of support than we would be able to deliver. We wish everyone success and look forward to hearing how ARCOS has built on the great foundation we laid with RoD.

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