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Building a customized translation program for utilities to integrate Common Roster directly into RoD

Macrosoft is building the crX cloud exchange (the new common roster template data exchange) that incorporates an automated translation program required for utilities to integrate common roster directly into RoD. This is mainly due to the substantial differences in the data fields and its values between the common roster and the utility’s internal roster (RoD). To facilitate this, the RoD software system will have to be customized for each utility by mapping the appropriate fields of RoD with that of the common roster. Subsequently different levels of translation programs are developed to automatically import and export common roster data directly into and out of the utilities RoD system.

  • See how to integrate the common roster directly into RoD using translation program
  • Know what it takes for mapping data fields between Common Roster and RoD Roster
  • Take a look at the different levels of automation RoD provides for utilities to sync up with the common roster
  • Learn how the utility’s firewall protects the RoD system and its data at all 3 levels of automation