Benefits of implementing Resources on-Demand

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  • Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand is a comprehensive utility resource management solution that helps power and electric utility companies to proactively address emergency events like outages and natural disasters. It helps the restoration process by allocating resources and providing logistics in an organized and cost reducing manner.

    In the event of an emergency, electric utility companies need to rush crews and the necessary equipment to the affected area in time for the restoration process. It becomes imperative for the storm leaders to know which crews are available, what equipment is needed, which crews are closest to the affected area etc., to allocate resources and initiate the restoration process in a speedy manner. Resources on-Demand, as a utility resource management tool, gives a complete overview of the available resources and all the logistic information required for that.

    Resources on-Demand as a resource management process allows the user to easily access data stored in the system on human resources, equipment, and logistical information. Resources on-Demand allows dispatchers, managers, storm leaders, and others to access pertinent information in an emergency situation that will give them a better view of the current situation, i.e. how many teams are available, the skills the teams possess, the location of the team, and if the team has work already assigned. It will also keep track of individual workers and their logistical information. Resources on-Demand resource management process includes all the activities required prior to the catastrophe occurrence in order to facilitate the use of available resources.

Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand has the following attributes:

    • Easy to learn and use
    • Tools to efficiently facilitate resource requests
    • Consistent and accurate data entry and retrieval by concurrent users
    • Captures all resource activity within historical tables for post storm debriefing, executive review and power commission discussions
    • Resource movement during emergency outage leveraging historical information
    • Single Central database
    • Track available resources
    • Improved resource assignment process


  • Efficient Resources Management

    Resources on-Demand provides a streamlined resource assignment process by efficient management of resource requests and accurate tracking of crew and equipment. It gives a comprehensive view of the work location/service centers where crews and equipment are available, the size of the team and its proximity to the affected area to begin restoration immediately.

  • Centralized Database

    A centralized database provides real-time data that can be accessed by multiple, concurrent users. It replaces cumbersome workarounds, manual processes, whiteboards and spreadsheets. Logistic details, event associated site details, team member names, number of hours worked and many other details which were time consuming to track are available within a single interface.

  • Faster Event Handling

    Resources on-Demand provides faster restoration by improved resource allocation, enhanced emergency reporting and accurately tracking the movement of resource teams. Available crews and resources closest to the affected area are dispatched to handle the restoration process quickly and efficiently. Speed and efficiency are the two decisive factors sharpened with every new release of RoD.

  • Reduced Costs

    It greatly reduces costs by providing the ability to compare invoices against an event database, estimating crew costs and expenditures. It eliminates excessive lodging and meal costs, and also lowers opportunity costs by assigning the right personnel to the right job. It does away with the manual processes, thereby saving time and resources. Resources on-Demand is a one stop solution for utility resource management, which eliminates the hassles of multiple solutions.

  • Improved Field Oversight

    Resources on-Demand provides complete field oversight with historical information on resource allocation, availability of teams and predefined post event reports. It delivers complete logistic information; reports on resources utilized for events and complete historical reports from a user friendly interface.

    Resources on-Demand is a complete, comprehensive solution for electric power utilities to handle an emergency event by bringing in the right resource, at the right time for speedy and cost effective restoration.