Return on Investment

  • Investment

  • Resources on-Demand is unique in the market. Version 1.0 was built in late 2005 at the specific request of Duke Energy. Additional enhancements/versions have been designed with direct voice of the customer feedback from our current user community. There are currently no other emergency resource management tools specifically designed for electric utilities in the marketplace. Existing alternatives include manual processes such as spreadsheets and whiteboards, or expensive home grown programs. As of 2013, version 4.7 is currently available.

    Return on Investment Value
    Based on client derived feedback and design elements, Resources on-Demand delivers ROI value in several different areas.

    • Reduce event duration by improving resource allocation
    • Reconcile invoices against event database
    • Estimate crew costs and track expenditures
    • Eliminate excess lodging and meals
    • Save time with predefined post event reports