Macrosoft is all set for America’s PrepareAthon! Are you?

The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and other emergency preparedness agencies are looking forward to conducting the 2nd PrepareAthon – National Day of Action on September 30, 2015. They want you to Be Smart, Take Part, and Prepare.

Why we have this?

The weather in North America has been inconsistent and unpredictable in recent years. There are 6 emergencies which FEMA wants you to be prepared for: earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, and winter storms. FEMA wants everybody to be a part of this campaign. FEMA has created a website showcasing several resources and guidelines for the public. Visit for more details.

What do we need to do?

The PrepareAthon campaign is to make sure people are smart about what to do in case of bad weather or a natural disaster. Read through the guidelines on the FEMA website for detailed preparation information. FEMA and their partners distribute guidelines, emergency kits, and brochures to help people understand how to prepare yourself. Here are few activities everyone should do.

Be Smart:

Safety is the first priority among all the directives. Avoid travel during bad weather. It’s very hard to follow for all the warnings, but if it’s a critical warning, it is better to stay at home. Know your risks. Stay updated about the warnings and happenings via multiple channels. Follow the directions from the local officials. It might turn out that being at a common safe house is better in some situations than at home.

Take Part:

There will be local emergency management units activated in case of an emergency. Make sure you take note of their contact information and inform them as soon as possible in case disaster strikes you or your neighborhood. This could be done over telephone, internet, or even by SMS.


If you are cut off from the outside world, be sure you are prepared with basic amenities for a period of time until help reaches you. For example, in the event of a snow storm, be prepared with basic necessities that are critical for your life. This includes food supplies, water, clothing, firewood, and emergency power resources.

FEMA and many other organizations and institutions including schools, colleges, and businesses will be taking part in this national campaign to educate their crews about preparations in case of an emergency. The most troubling of all these catastrophes is power outages. Utility companies have to swing into action and play a key role in emergency management and damage recovery. Their major task is to be prepared with enough resources to clear the damage and restore power as quickly as possible.

Macrosoft, a NJ based software development company supports America’s PrepareAthon with their tools specifically for the utility industry, which gives the utilities an edge in restoration during a large scale emergency event. Macrosoft has developed Resources on Demand, a storm center automation tool that takes cares of finding, contracting, deploying, and lodging of resources and key personal, which might turn out to be a herculean task during a disaster.

Before starting a recovery or restoration, it’s important to access the disaster. This is a key step, as it helps in planning an efficient and quick response. To help utilities with efficient assessment, Macrosoft has launched Assessments on Demand– a mobile friendly damage assessment tool. Information can be quickly captured and sent to the operation center so as to engage recovery teams. is an informational portal designed specifically for Utility professionals to keep track of outage alerts, severe weather conditions and trending news pertaining to the electric utility industry.

Let us know what you did to be smart, take part & plan in this month of National Preparedness.

For more information on how Macrosoft supports emergency management for utilities, contact or call 973-889-0500 x 272

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