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Understand What’s Involved in Mapping a Utility’s Internal Common Roster to the New Common Roster

Let’s consider a specific case study to see the complexities involved in mapping a utility’s internal common roster to the new common roster. At present, the internal roster format and data structures of each utility do not overlap with the template and data fields of the common roster. Utilities will have to develop and implement conversion programs for translation as this is a two sided problem. Firstly, transforming common roster into an internal roster, when the utility is receiving roster information from other utilities. Secondly, transforming internal roster into a common roster, when the utility is offering a roster of individuals to other utilities during an event. Format and data structure is key to this mapping exercise.

  • See how to distinguish between the two roles: Receiving utility and Responding utility
  • Take a deep dive into the features of common roster and the specific internal roster for a utility
  • Know how to handle disparities in data fields/values when a data field does not line up
  • Learn how to map the data fields/values between the common roster and a utility’s internal roster