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Understanding Resource Acquisition Using RoD - Committed vs Actual

One important feature of RoD system is that it allows users to take advantage of information provided by the Mutual Assistance Common Roster. This new feature in RoD allows a utility to keep a quantifiable running count of the external resources to be provided by each responding utility and contractor for an upcoming storm event and to check-off the actual counts received as the common roster information is received and loaded into RoD. It provides a framework for keeping track of these commitments versus actual crew counts provided by the responding utility and contractor. This information is very useful for a utility to keep track of the event at hand, and allows a utility to spot immediately what resources have come in and which ones are yet to come. Important of all this are the counts that are stored for each event that will provide useful benchmarks for measuring commitments versus actuals by source.

  • See how Mutual Assistance Common Roster is used in effective resource management of responding utilities and contractors
  • Run thru the sequence of events where a receiving utility is in need of extra storm resources during a storm event
  • Understand the different stages with the help of a use case chart broken down between utilities and contractors
  • Know the optimum resources requirement of utilities by comparing a series of ‘committed vs. actual’ charts