Resources on-Demand for municipalities

Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand Muni is the first software tool specifically designed to improve emergency resource management at municipal electric utilities.

Resources on-Demand Muni manages resource requests and tracks personnel movements during restoration events of all types and sizes.

Resources on-Demand Muni provides storm center leaders with access to real-time information pertaining to an emergency situation, delivering better situational awareness than traditional spreadsheets and whiteboards. Having an networked based, multiuser system to quickly ascertain how many resources are available, the skills the crews possess, and the distribution of the resources across the service territory greatly improves the overall storm restoration process.

Resources on-Demand Features


    • Initiate new event/incidents
    • Create and maintain a multi-tiered regional hierarchy that corresponds with work locations
    • Manage users and their assigned permissions within the system

Resource Management

    • View an inventory of all teams associated with the event
    • Improved tile based resource view layout
    • Track crews work locations and lodging assignments
    • Maintain personnel and equipment types by resource categories
    • Visualize crew placement via map view
    • Request additional resources at understaffed locations


    • Configurable summary dashboards
    • Real-time data reports
    • Point-in-time snapshot reports
    • Historical (date/time stamp) change reports