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Crew Calculator is one of the important computational feature of RoD, which functions with the sole purpose of calculating resource requirement during a restoration work. Most utilities have a well-developed Outage Prediction Model that can be used as input to the Crew Calculator feature of RoD. This information is used by Crew Calculator to identify and respond to changing outage levels across various work districts of the utility, helping storm personnel identify the estimated time for restoration. An important capability of this feature is it has two separate views: actual and projected. Actual view provides available best estimate at any instance in time for restoration work across districts. Projected view allows storm center personnel to run ‘what-if’ scenarios by varying scaling factors in the input data, to calculate possible outcomes.

  • See how utilities can start using Crew Calculator, the embedded feature of RoD.
  • Learn how to arrive at actual and projected estimates during a real time storm event.
  • Know more about how Crew Calculator functionality works within RoD via a sample screen.
  • Take a look at how data from utilities Outage Prediction Model is used as input to the Crew Calculator.