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    Managing resources during emergency outages presents utility companies with daunting challenges. Under intense time pressure, they must coordinate limited human and equipment resources, often from multiple locations and regions, to restore power. Storm centers must deploy and track the right resources rapidly, effectively, and efficiently.

    The challenge is compounded by cumbersome manual processes and spreadsheets that are often unreliable, inaccurate, and constrained by single-user access. In an environment of more demanding customers and ever-present vulnerability, such outdated processes no longer suffice.

    ARCOS Resources on-Demand, is an automated system designed to replace manual processes and spreadsheets and provide the powerful solution for resource management that today’s circumstances demand.

  • Admin

  • RoD Setup & Admin

    Resources on-Demand setup provides detailed information about configuration and maintenance of RoD application. It also provides administrative functions performed to configure Resources on-Demand.

    • Define different types of users based on roles
    • Assign roles and setup user preferences
    • Manage event functionality and regional hierarchy
    • Associate service center with areas
    • Manage resource company, team type, team function and team role


  • Resource Management

    Managing resources in RoD allows to create, manage and track resource teams, their related equipment and cost, view and change resource attributes of each team engaged in a restoration event.

    • Track system wide requests for resources
    • Maintain team attributes
    • Import teams/crews, rosters, and equipment
    • Manage team member information and classifications
    • Integrate off-system teams/crews
    • Assign teams to locations
    • Update, re-assign, split or modify team composition
    • Equipment assignments on a single display
    • Advanced search and filtering of crews and individuals


  • Resource Management

  • Logistics

  • Lodging/Logistics

    Manage lodging in RoD provides information on teams’ lodging status and allows various functions like reserving rooms at selected sites, searching for teams and sites, assigning rooms to individuals, release teams from rooms and releasing unused/booked rooms.

    • Establish permanent and temporary staging areas
    • Document staging area facilities and services
    • Maintain lodging area and hotel inventory
    • Assign accommodations via lodging dashboard


  • Dashboards

    Various dashboards in RoD allows to access specific event and resource information.

    • Logistics Dashboard provide event specific lodging, team and site summary
    • Resource Snapshot Dashboard provides a snapshot summary view of the resources
    • Resource Allocation Dashboard provide resource availability and allocation high level summary
    • Executive Dashboard provide at a glance view of event specific resources, logistics and lodging arrangements


  • Dashboard

  • Reports

  • Reports

    Different report types are being used in RoD and the output of all reports is in MS Excel format.

    • Data Reports provide real-time data
    • Historical Reports string together a series of Snapshot Reports
    • Snapshot Reports show point in time team, resources and lodging details
    • Lodging Reports provide reservation, hotel and room assignment reports


Hours Tracking

The purpose of this module is to track the number of hours worked per team on a daily basis. There are often restrictions on the number of consecutive hours a team can work (i.e. 16) per day. The hours worked data is necessary for making assignment decisions. By associating an hourly rate with personnel and equipment, this module will allow for expenditure estimates based on both straight and overtime pay.

  • Ability to Track on a Daily Basis
    • Team Start Time
    • Maximum Number of Hours Team Can Work
    • Hard Stop Time
    • Actual Stop Time
    • Rest Interval
    • Time of Availability the Next Day
    • Rate Table for Hourly Wages for Personnel and Equipment Types
    • Logic for Determining Straight versus Overtime
    • Sort/Filter Teams by Hours Worked or Hours Remaining
    • Estimate Expenditures

ARCOS Integration

ARCOSSM Integration

Integration with the ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite allows employee details to be seamlessly passed from the ARCOS Suite to RoD when a callout is accepted. This permits the repository of employee information, scheduling, and union hierarchy contained in the the ARCOS Suite to act as an extension to RoD. The benefit of this is that personnel rosters and assignments are imported real-time into RoD, eliminating duplicate data entry and providing a fast ramp up of baseline personnel counts.

    • Communications with the ARCOS Suite via web services
    • RoD passes information to the ARCOS Suite pertaining to active events
    • Employees accepting a callout are auto-populated on a RoD team
    • Eliminates duplicate data entry