Storm Restoration and Emergency Planning for 2015

The frequent outbursts of storms in US causes large scale power outages to the residents. The thunderstorms are constantly sweeping through the state and brings heavy wind and rain. As a result, lot of power lines are damaged, affecting many customers. This turns out to be a big head-ache for the utility companies. Restoring the power back to normal is a big challenge for the utilities serving in the US.

It is impossible to stop the occurrence of natural calamities. But, we are capable of minimizing the after effects of these incidents. To overcome the after effects of such natural events, a well-defined emergency planning is required. With an effective Emergency planning system, utilities can streamline their operations during the crucial time. Utilities can prepare themselves for an emergency with the help of weather forecasts, live updates from organizations like FEMA and mutual assistance groups, which allows them to overcome restoration challenges.

Once the event starts, Utilities should be able to execute their restoration plan. First priority is to evacuate the people from the affected area. Move them to a safe zone based on the severity of the incident. Utilities need to arrange recovery facilities while executing the emergency operation such as recovery trucks, medical aid, Fire force, etc.

Utilities should have a plan to act on this sort of Emergency. They should have ample amount of resources with varying skills to respond to an event quickly. If not available locally they should have methods ready to procure the resources from neighboring Utilities or States in minimal time. The restoration activities are to be accomplished in least amount of time. The time frame also depends on the severity of the incident.

Here we list the varying skilled resources required during a power restoration:

  • A set of Damage assessors- analyze the damage and estimate the loss.
  • Dispatchers.
  • Managers.
  • Storm leaders.
  • Logistics team.
  • Skilled personnel to restore power transmission lines.
  • Service engineers to inspect for damages and restore the power plants and substations.

Once the event commences, based on the primary observations the utility team should to act. A set of damage assessment team has to reach out there to log the accurate destructions and estimate the loss. Additional sets of work force can follow them once they revert and according to the incident severity, utilities can mobilize more resources to enhance the restoration operations. To handle and co-ordinate these sort of Emergency situations, we need an automated system with an inbuilt GPS technology. GPS identifies the incident reporting spot correctly to the crews and as per the requirement necessary force can reach there without wasting must time.

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