• Survey Report

    Utility Damage Assessment Processes

    Macrosoft, a New Jersey based Information Technology Company conducted a survey studying Damage Assessment Practices followed by electric utilities

    The Survey findings include:

    • Over 90% indicate efficient damage assessment is a high contributing factor to successful power restoration.
    • Only 19% are able to complete the restoration process on time.
    • 62% of field assessors typically have smart phones.
    • Over 83% are not entirely satisfied with their current process and tools.

    The best practices in the industry dictate that companies should have plans, tools and processes developed to support consistency and scalability as the event grows.

    Assessments on-Demand is specifically designed for electric utilities. AoD is robust system built using the HTML5 platform, capturing live damage data in the field.

    It is easy to use for both employees and contractors. Damage crews can use their smartphones, mobile data terminals, and other portable devices. It is scalable for day-to-day operations as well as large scale events



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