Macrosoft’s Customized Client Training Programs

  • Training

  • Macrosoft understands that every utility company has different resources, different requirements and varied environments, and so need tailored emergency resource management solutions to suit each of them. Macrosoft provides customized versions of their Emergency Resource Management Solution – Resources on-Demand to suit every client requirement. Macrosoft also offers comprehensive and customized training programs to help clients understand the product better and prepare themselves to use the product effectively.

    Macrosoft training is designed specifically to help clients effectively handle disasters and emergency response logistics. It’s role based training programs allow corporations to meet all their Disaster Resource Management (DRM) needs and to seamlessly connect with other emergency management entities to ensure protection and safety of personnel, equipment, and facilities across geographical areas.

Client Training

The Role based client training program includes a structured implementation program where –

    • The application is customized and configured to suit the client’s requirement.
    • The restoration processes are reviewed.
    • The in-house trainers are trained.
    • Specific role based users – Administrators, Super users, Resources Managers and Logistic Coordinators are trained

Refresher Training

As and when companies change employees and roles, Macrosoft provides virtual and onsite role-based training for the new team members.

Version Upgrade Training

Macrosoft’s flagship product, Resources on-Demand continues to grow and extend its functionality with every new client. Macrosoft provides both virtual and onsite training for effective use of newly deployed functionalities.

Macrosoft is committed to serving its clients with the best possible resource management solution and we are always eager to learn more about your needs and feedback.