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What Are The Odds of Power Outage at The 2014 FIFA World Cup?

It’s time to cheer up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted by Brazil. Brazil, the host team has a huge fan base across the world and is considered to be one among the sought team for winning the 2014 World cup. Brazil has a unique story to tell with 5 world cups under the belt and the only country to have reached the round of 16 every single time. Brazil was also the first country to field a black footballer. The country’s passion and devotion for the game of soccer has produced many star players and every time they enter the field the expectations are sky high.

As Brazil gears up to live the expectations of the huge fan base for the 2014 FIFA World Cup commencing on June 12, the country’s electricity supply is challenged by one of the worst droughts in decades is threatening to cause rolling blackouts and power outages. As a consequence, it forces the Brazilian government to restrict the power consumption of the country later this year. According to the data from US government, the electricity produced from the hydroelectric generators contributes two-thirds of its supply. A fair amount of rainfall is required to fill up the reservoirs that churn the hydroelectric generators that powers the country.

“Are we completely free from power outages? No, not completely,” José Rosenblatt, director of PSR, an energy consultancy based in Rio de Janeiro, said. “We still might have one during the World Cup.” Brazil needs substantial improvement in their planning and construction duties, they face severe criticism in the same as they host for the every four year recurring event.

As a host country for the world cup event, Brazil needs to be on the frontline in maintaining and upgrading their airports to receive millions of football fanatics. For the world cup event, an estimated 3.7 million people are set to travel for the huge event. Brazil also has problems for connecting the different vastly separated venues with the lack of rail network; almost all of it will be by air. It is expected that many renovations will be delayed after the world cup event.

Considering the intermittent power outages in the month of February, during record heat and low reservoir levels, this in turn affected 6 million people living in 13 states. Although the Brazilian government officials insisted that the causes of power outage are not overcapacity or surging demand on the grid, but it severity affected the Brazilians at the time they need more air conditioning, the primary energy hog in a house hold.

To add to

Brazil’s power woes, several power regulators and energy consultants demands the need for reduction in power consumption in the country. Further, Regulator ANEEL suggested the Brazilian government should impose preventative rationing system of 5 percent below normal consumption, and PSR suggested 6 percent rationing, all these measures need to support for hydroelectric production. Reservoirs need to preserve water and prevent alarming low water levels of below 10 percent of their capacity.

During the world cup time, if power outage were to occur then there is a need to depend on back-up generators out of which if 12 stadiums lit up, then the hotels, roads and public transit would go dark. And this will trigger a whole new world of issues.

Power outages are alarming and when they happen, the more prepared you are them the quicker it is to get through one when it happens. How good you know about power outages?

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