A Report on Drone Usage for Emergency Response Operations

Macrosoft, Inc. has conducted a major research study among key personnel from utility companies around the country, to find out how they view using drones for emergency response operations. Here is part of what we learned:

Drones represent a major opportunity for emergency response operations. But, given the current state of the art, and the current (limited) understanding of their potential by the utility professionals in this study, the jury is still out on their usage.

On the positive side, drones offer a combination of reach, speed, safety and cost that cannot be duplicated by other systems.

Damage assessment is considered the single most effective use of drones, with equipment inspections, vegetation inspections and situational awareness bunched relatively closely behind.

Surprisingly, security/surveillance – which drones are deployed for by other industries and non-industrial venues, lags a good deal behind.

Drone usage report

On the negative side, however, their usage is heavily restricted by FAA regulations. In addition, they have a number of significant risks, including;

  • Liability (i.e. damage and personal injury);
  • Safety (possibly interfering with aircraft, crashing into buildings, property, etc.);
  • Privacy (what will the drones be able to see? Is this another area of legal liability?)
  • Security
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