Resources on-Demand Electric Utility Clients

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  • Macrosoft’s Resources on Demand has been specifically designed for electric utilities. It is a network-based, multi-user tool that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports logistics during a large-scale restoration event. Intuitive and user-friendly, Resources on Demand provides storm center personnel with the tool they need to effectively organize crew & equipment allocations, monitor personnel availability, and improve the assignment process. The system leverages historical data and reports to establish best practices for use during future events.

    Macrosoft’s Resources on Demand system is a powerful, cost-effective tool for handling the management of emergency situations faced by the utility industry. First introduced in 2005, Resources on Demand is being used by leading electric power utilities with outstanding results.

  • In severe storms, cold, and heat, customers may experience an outage that requires a restoration effort. During the restoration process there are several items that must be tracked in order to service the customer with prompt, satisfactory service. Macrosoft provides you the advice as well as the expertise necessary for you to create a utility resource management plan that lowers expenses and increase your efficiency.

    The purpose of Resources on-Demand is to provide a solution that allows the user to easily access data stored in the system on human resources, equipment, and logistical information. This system will allow dispatchers, managers, storm leaders, and others to access pertinent information in an emergency situation that will give them a better view of the current situation, i.e. how many teams are available, the skills the teams possess, the location of the team, and if the team has work already assigned. It will also keep track of individual workers and their logistical information.

  • Resourceson-demand Electric Utility Clients

    Resources on-Demand Electric Utility Clients

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  • Through a backend database, Resources on-Demand creates a permanent record of the event. All team movements, resource allocations, and activity is time stamped in the database for future reference. This is useful for the de-briefing process, internal reviews, invoice verification, and overall training/preparedness. Resources on-Demand utility resource management is a key component that is robust and flexible in analytics and reporting engine, which provides both regular, ongoing reporting – as well as reports for different departments throughout the utility enterprise.

    Resources on-Demand is now Certified for Windows Server 2012 that meet Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices with the Windows Server 2012 operating system. Resources on-demand has tested using technical specifications and tools required by Microsoft and independently verified the compatibility.