Automating Key Areas of your Emergency Restoration Process

Utilities across US are frequently unsettled by natural disasters in form of storms, hurricanes, blizzards, etc. which clearly defines the severe weather conditions prevalent in the country. These unpredictable events not only wreak havoc but cause large scale power outages affecting thousands of residents. The efficiency of utilities highly depends on the optimal utilization of available resources including field crews, equipment and materials.  The best way to deal with challenges imposed by natural disasters is to be well prepared to handle emergency scenarios; this requires utilities to devise an emergency restoration process as a part of their operations. With chances of more severe weather conditions to erupt every year, it is important for the utilities to set up an automated emergency restoration process to achieve significantly higher levels of efficiency.

Electric utilities need to automate their emergency restoration process in order to transition from the old spreadsheets and overwhelming manual processing mechanisms. Considering the expenditures incurred during emergency events, investing in next generation technology solution provides faster efficient response to outages thereby saving time and money. An automated emergency restoration process can bring better ROI considering the adverse weather conditions that strike US every year. So what are the key areas that an automation solution need to focus? Power restoration process requires arrangement of resources for carrying out the power restoration effort. For resources to be in the right place utilities need to plan the lodging and logistics requirements of the resource personnel. Also, it is equally important to stage equipment availability at the location for effectively executing the restoration effort. Each aspect required for power restoration needs to be properly managed and tracked. Utilities traditionally used spreadsheets and manual processing mechanisms to run their operations although it was not effective and efficient event management technique.

Although myriad of extreme weather conditions challenges electric utilities to handle emergency scenarios for restoring power expediently, effective and efficient service of power restoration are achieved only after automated systems are deployed. With automated emergency restoration systems utilities were able to systematically prepare and utilize available resources to restore power.

Here we list some of the key aspects of the power restoration management solution.

  • Easier workflow from resource allocation, lodging and logistics arrangements setup
  • Customized application terminology based on utility’s hierarchy and terminology
  • Provision to split and merge teams, addition of mutual assistance team
  • Dashboard that lists the high level view of all resources and allocations made
  • Simple to use menus and easily manageable screen designs
  • Responsive design to access the application from mobile and handheld devices
  • Provision to generate variety of Reports leveraging historical data
  • Alerts and notifications facility to know more about team allocations and availability

An automated system for emergency management can successfully address the target of better electric reliability by reducing outage duration, improving communications and to effectively allocate and track resources. Are you looking for an automated solution that can address your concerns? Then, Macrosoft’s solution Resources on-Demand is your best choice. Resources on-Demand is an intuitive and user friendly tool specifically designed for electric utilities.  It is a network-based, multi-user tool that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports logistics during a large-scale restoration event. Resources on-Demand provides storm center personnel with the tool they need to effectively organize crew & equipment allocations, monitor personnel availability, and improve the allocation process. The system leverages historical data and reports to establish best practices for use during future events.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about the industry’s leading solution, Resources on-Demand.

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