Transforming Logistics Ecosphere for Electric Utility Companies

When a severe storm or a wildfire happens, it leaves lives paralyzed without power and basic needs. How efficient emergency restoration teams may be, getting the right personnel and equipment at the right time to the location always pose a great challenge for any electric utility company. It can baffle even the best logistics process. Logistics preparedness, especially in disaster prone areas is both practical and necessary. Being proactive and assessing resources availability can greatly reduce unnecessary expenditure and lead to a greater return of investment. Today’s complexities in logistics for emergency management demand both flexibility and visibility.

Resources on-Demand is a utility resource management solution that has been specially developed for electric utility companies to efficiently handle emergencies, allocate resources, and proactively send crews to the damaged areas. It helps in improving the utilization of available resources, accurately forecast future resource requirements ahead of time, and track the resource pool in real time. Resources on-Demand could help you in the following ways:

Simplify Resource Allocation of your Logistics

Resources on-Demand simplifies your resource allocation process by providing a powerful visual interface to assign teams across area based on a five tiered hierarchy – Company, Operating Company, Region, Zone, and Location. It allows you to: track requests for resources, maintain team member information, update, create, re-assign, split or modify team composition, search, filter and much more.

Assign the right resource for the right job

Resources on-Demand’s advanced resource profiling and search capabilities gives you the ability to find the right crew members and equipment based on availability, location, skills, roles, qualifications and experience and assign them to the affected area instantly. It allows you to handle multiple events and map storm roles to resource types.

Forecast Future Resource Needs

Resources on-Demand, can accurately forecast your future resource needs based on unplanned work and ad hoc demands. This helps in assigning crews for future work locations, establish ETA’s, plan for the next day’s or shift’s workforce and project “what if” scenarios that calculate estimated restoration times based on the ratio of work orders to assigned crews.

Utilize resource efficiently

Resources on-Demand’s in-built functionality allows you to track workflow across various competencies (skills, experience etc.) with up-to-date information. It leads to improved personnel utilization of resources. It also allows you to track work hours, calculate wages, estimate expenditures, crew counts and more.

Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand is a comprehensive utility resource management solution that helps power and electric utility companies to proactively address emergency events by allocating resources and providing logistics in an organized and cost reducing manner. To know more about Resources on-Demand, email us at

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